Sutherland Physiotherapy

An experienced and expansive team ensures you are well looked after.

Sutherland Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Clinic was established in 1989 to provide quality physiotherapy services to the Sutherland Shire. The clinic not only caters for the needs of the sporting population but also people of all ages.

Our primary focus is to provide the highest quality care to our patients giving thorough assessment, accurate diagnosis and effective treatment. We are committed to your care.

We pride ourselves on the level of experience of our physiotherapists and believe that in working as a team we will be able to provide you with the best possible service. Our therapists are regularly taking part in ongoing professional development and training courses to remain up to date with the latest information and evidence based treatments.

This has allowed us to maintain a reputation for excellence within manual therapy, sports and musculoskeletal fields.

Call (02) 9545 1933 for an appointment.

Modern open setting with the latest equipment available for you

Our multidisciplinary clinic has an open plan gym setting and adjoining Pilates and Exercise Studio. We ensure that the latest, most up to date equipment is available to give you the complete treatment that you’re looking for.

Keeping up to date with cutting edge treatments is important to us. We now have available a Real Time Ultrasound unit (RTUS). RTUS has been shown to be the most accurate tool for assessing the muscles of the pelvic floor, deep lower back and abdominal stabilising muscles. Whilst getting visual feedback, clients are best able to understand the concept of recruiting these muscles.

In addition to physiotherapy, we offer a wide range of complimentary health and medical services. In particular, a sports physician, specialist doctor in the field of sports medicine is available within the clinic. There is also a podiatrist and we have a range of psychology services available, giving you the option of choosing which profession best suits your needs.

We have also just completed our refurbishment creating a new gymnasium incorporating new equipment such as a treadmill, free weights, and weights machine. Programs are given to improve muscle strength, endurance and function.

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